Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yoga - Power 2

So yesterday I ended up missing my regular class at Pure Yoga because of my hair appointment.  I was so disappointed and desperate I called back the studio to check if there was any other Power 1 or Hatha 1 class with available spots yesterday.  Turned out there was only Power 2 (advanced class) left - I hadn't been to a Power 2 class in 3 years even though years ago I used to attend Power 2 only.  So out of desperation, I signed up for the Power 2.

Getting ready in the studio was already intimating enough - the students walked into the studio all looking like some Mainland Chinese Shaolin / Kung Fu students (or wannabes - still scary enough).  Most were Chinese - surprisingly - with the exception of a few Caucasians.  Those Shaolin students all looked so serious, and during class they really gave it 200%.  The only other class of similar intimation level (well, slightly higher) was Wild Lotus class at Pure Yoga - a class most of the instructors attended - but that was a totally different league.

The class was great - did not repeat the same routine in Hatha 1 or Power 1.... Not the typical Sun Salutation warmup, and this class was also much longer 90 mins - to me the right length of class I was used to.  I realy needed to pay a lot of attention in class as the flow, variations of asanas (poses) were very "freestyle" to me - so I had to figure out which hand to be placed where, torso to lean forward or tilt backward toward one leg or center......  It was very interesting to challenge myself.  Surprisingly my body isn't aching too bad today despite stopping my practice for 3 weeks during my trips, only my abs, back and waist feeling a little tight like an old lady :)

I really enjoy yoga and I plan to write about different yoga poses every now and then.  Here's the drawing of one of my favourite poses:

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