Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Weirdo Borrowed My Books

During Chinese New Year I invited a few close friends to my home to have festive foods.  Somehow a not so close friend which lived around the neighborhood also came by.

This not so close friend has always been known to be weird.   I tend to forget negative things about people very easily (unless they keep doing them to remind me) so yesterday I thought perhaps this person wasn't that bad afterall.  Well, he is.  Read on.

So at my Chinese New Year "party", this person walked around my flat checking out my pictures, notes on the fridge (very inappropriate) and my collection of books and dvds.  He ended up borrowing 2 books. I told him I hadn't had time to finish them yet but they were supposed to be good books.

Yesterday this person told me he had been enjoying the books very much, AND, he had been making notes on the pages, marking some sentences with highlighter and underlining.  What the hell?  Isn't it basic social etiquette NOT to do that?  He actually thought it was funny to do that.  I was speechless.  Last night I decided to send him a message and remind him not to mess with my other book, The Art of Travel, as it was supposed to be a good book and I would want to enjoy it without someone else's notes.

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