Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lucky Money 橫財

I never had much "lucky money" before in my life, overall I was never a super lucky person.  Today was a breakthrough - I learned that I got $12000 to $18000 from my company for NOT flying business class to those remote countries like Austria, Argentina, Morocco!  My department secretary said,"it's not easy money though, you earned it by sacrificing your health!"  Indeed it was "hard labour" money.  I flew some 15 hours to Vienna; 30 hours to Argentina; 17 hours back to Hong Kong from Morocco!  That was a total of 11 flights in 3 weeks. 

Talking about lucky money, on my flight back to Hong Kong I was sitting next to this Mainland Chinese guy who had been working in Brazil for 1 year.  He told me that he and his (Chinese) colleagues were guaranteed 10000 dollars by their company (I am not sure if he was referring to RMB or Reais.  If the latter, it is equivalent to some 40000 HKD!) each time they got mugged in Brazil.  10000 bucks!!  He said they were always very cooperative when they got robbed.  No wonder!

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