Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Guess the mystery sender

Finally, today I had a good laugh.  Without getting too much into details, Friday I received a "care package" at work, with a note:
if you really want to know :-)
I might tell you next week ;-)
No signature no nothing.

I have been worried all weekend who could've sent it because I really have not met any men in the past 2 years or reunited with anyone recently.  All I could think of was potential freaks at work, like my stalker from 8 years ago, or some young kid from another department young enough to be my baby brother, or the security guard.....  I even considered the possibility of some close friends sending me the package just to cheer me up, but I have already met up with my close friends during the holiday and they would have told me already. 

I just pray that whoever it was, it wouldn't cause me embarrassment to explain to him/her:
"Sorry I am not attracted to women"
"Sorry but I don't want to be your elder sister"
"Sorry but I told you 8 years ago you freaked me out, and you still do"
"Sorry but my company doesn't allow me to date someone from security.  Conflict of interest, you see..."

Shit, I just realized it could easily be the bagel guy.... OMG!  OMG!  Shit, that would explain a lot...

I'm feeling very sick now... and I pray it's not him cos that would mean I would have to stop ordering breakfast everyday and starve from now on.


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