Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy 21!

Recently I got invited to a birthday party - a "happy 21st" party!  When thinking what to write on his facebook wall without sounding too much like a mom, I started thinking what I would have done more of / differently if I could start my life at 21 again.

1. Save more money.  Fewer visits to expensive restaurants unless a date is paying for the meal.  Fewer taxi rides (too late now, it's become a habit.). 
2. Better suncare routine to reduce sun damage.
3. Party just as hard but with different groups of friends to expand my network of friends.
4. Ditch dead-end relationships even faster, to make time for meeting the right person with more strategic planning.
5. Spend more time soul searching, discovering my untapped talents.
6. Spend more time with my mom.
7. Learn how to swim sooner (than 2007).
8. Be wiser about relationships.  Infatuation and falling in love are not the same as loving someone or being loved by someone.  Having said that, I do not regret the rare occasion when I fell madly and blindly in love, fully intoxicated and in bliss for months (before a series of heartbreaks).  Those were some of the happiest memories of my life and I would repeat the same mistake gladly - only to learn to let go with a calmer mind and heart when time is up.
9. Take more mandarin lessons and practise more.
10. Train myself early on to communicate at work more tactfully.  Learn and play the rules of the game more smartly.
11. Control my anger and frustration more carefully.  Learn to accept people's weirdness, dumbness, lack of logic.
12. Travel even more to see as much of the world as possible, before keeping a dog.
13. Try harder to work on the brief long-distance relationship I had.   

Wednesday, May 18, 2011



男友顧名思義大男人,經常假民主或懶得扮民主,大小事情都是他作決定.女友處處遷就,再不歡喜也只會默不作聲,不投訴,不吵鬧. 女友凡事都要問男友意見,批准. 男友有什麼新嗜好,女友都會體貼地嘗試培養興趣,為男友作伴. 男友雖然為人有點cocky,但女友眼見男友說出令友人尷尬的說話,也不會提點,反而沾沾自喜,覺得男友口齒伶俐.

在女友眼中,男友是good catch. 有事業,有靚車,有錢,有頭腦,有學歷,有高尚會所會席,有sense of humour,有嗜好. 不抽煙,不暴力. 身體健康,喜歡運動. 從不和她計較金錢. 旅行,吃飯,男友自動自覺付錢. 男友雖算不上是大好人,但對家人和某些朋友還算不錯.

小女人是有福的. 我衷心覺得她是有福的. 能夠易於滿足, 不要求男友是標準體貼情人,不需要為任何事爭一口氣,只期待男友快點求婚,給以後的生活舒適保障. 小女人是幸福的.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Passionately Hating One's Job

More than once I came across taxi drivers who were very upset when stuck in traffic jams.  I was tempted to ask them, if you cannot deal with traffic jams on a daily basis then why don't you pick another profession?

For the same reason, I roll my eyes when I come across market researchers who hate drafting questionnaires and reviewing tabulations; client servicing "professionals" who bitch about clients everyday; investment advisors/ investors upset about making a loss in the market.  Not that we have to pretend to love the bumpy part of the ride, but whose life/ career is really smooth sailing the entire journey?  Most of us got into our profession of choice knowing fully well what we were getting into.  If we hate the core component of our profession so passionately, who are we to blame for us not trying to make a move?

While some people are indeed lacking in education and fundamental skills to change their situation, most of us are in a position to change - only crippled by our own fear, stubbornness or pride.

Friday, May 6, 2011

annah h - HK Designer of custom-made uniquely sophisticated workwear, bridal & event wear, casual wear

Hannah is the designer behind the annah h label - one of my best kept secrets in Hong Kong!

I've known Hannah for years and had my first custom-made dress designed by her in 2008, to attend a friend's wedding in New York.  It was a long mint green chiffon dress, flawlessly made, fitted perfectly in the first fitting, and totally complemented my style.

Since then, Hannah has designed bridesmaid dresses for my friend's wedding, chic work and leisure wear for me.  Our latest project was some work + leisure wear as shown in picture on the left.  Boring black-from-head-to-toe and pant suits are not my style, so I asked for brighter colored fabric with a design that does not sacrifice elegance and sophistication.  I think I also asked for versatility - to be able to wear these clothes not just to work, but also to a fancy date (not that I have any yet), an afterwork event, or a nice dinner.  These clothes perfectly match my needs.  Paired with a different belt or accessories, I can easily achieve a different look!

I genuinely believe that every female needs to have a trusted dressmaker design some special pieces for her.  Please do not confuse this with going to Shenzhen/ Lo Woo to make clothes copying some branded designs.  I am talking about a designer with a point of view, good taste, and excellent knowledge of what flatters your body shape and style.  It makes a difference having a piece of special clothing made that stems from your desires (wish list), and married with your designer's technical advice and creativity.  Hope you also get to experience this special feeling when wearing a custom-made outfit made to bring out your unique style!

annah h
Tel: +852 36266026  (by appointment only)