Friday, May 6, 2011

annah h - HK Designer of custom-made uniquely sophisticated workwear, bridal & event wear, casual wear

Hannah is the designer behind the annah h label - one of my best kept secrets in Hong Kong!

I've known Hannah for years and had my first custom-made dress designed by her in 2008, to attend a friend's wedding in New York.  It was a long mint green chiffon dress, flawlessly made, fitted perfectly in the first fitting, and totally complemented my style.

Since then, Hannah has designed bridesmaid dresses for my friend's wedding, chic work and leisure wear for me.  Our latest project was some work + leisure wear as shown in picture on the left.  Boring black-from-head-to-toe and pant suits are not my style, so I asked for brighter colored fabric with a design that does not sacrifice elegance and sophistication.  I think I also asked for versatility - to be able to wear these clothes not just to work, but also to a fancy date (not that I have any yet), an afterwork event, or a nice dinner.  These clothes perfectly match my needs.  Paired with a different belt or accessories, I can easily achieve a different look!

I genuinely believe that every female needs to have a trusted dressmaker design some special pieces for her.  Please do not confuse this with going to Shenzhen/ Lo Woo to make clothes copying some branded designs.  I am talking about a designer with a point of view, good taste, and excellent knowledge of what flatters your body shape and style.  It makes a difference having a piece of special clothing made that stems from your desires (wish list), and married with your designer's technical advice and creativity.  Hope you also get to experience this special feeling when wearing a custom-made outfit made to bring out your unique style!

annah h
Tel: +852 36266026  (by appointment only)


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