Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Passionately Hating One's Job

More than once I came across taxi drivers who were very upset when stuck in traffic jams.  I was tempted to ask them, if you cannot deal with traffic jams on a daily basis then why don't you pick another profession?

For the same reason, I roll my eyes when I come across market researchers who hate drafting questionnaires and reviewing tabulations; client servicing "professionals" who bitch about clients everyday; investment advisors/ investors upset about making a loss in the market.  Not that we have to pretend to love the bumpy part of the ride, but whose life/ career is really smooth sailing the entire journey?  Most of us got into our profession of choice knowing fully well what we were getting into.  If we hate the core component of our profession so passionately, who are we to blame for us not trying to make a move?

While some people are indeed lacking in education and fundamental skills to change their situation, most of us are in a position to change - only crippled by our own fear, stubbornness or pride.

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