Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is Not an Icecream/ Gelato Sandwich

XTC in Hong Kong launched its gelato sandwich which I wrongly assumed to be like the North American icecream sandwich I grew up having at least one per day.

I was wrong.  Those XTC people clearly never had a proper icecream sandwich.

The gelato was so watery, the whole sandwich collapsed the moment I bit into the biscuit.  Then, it started dripping gelato water everywhere.  The whole thing just melted.

So disappointing.  I should just buy normal icecream sandwiches instead.  Like these I used to eat:

IF I can find them in Hong Kong.

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  1. I've been looking forever for an ice-cream sandwich that I used to like but alas, they don't make avail in HK anymore like back in the 90's. Now I have buy them when I'm visiting Vancouver. They are great in the summer but now I can only have popsicles...not the ice cream center ones though!