Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Whole World Says...

I find it so painful to move on when everyone around me, including my closest friends, tells me how great they thought we were together and how they felt happy for us. 

The locksmith kept asking me about him, and finally when I told him we parted, he still thought Kev would come back because we were so sweet together all the time, taking strolls around the valley, caring for each other, waiting for each other at home, going to his lacrosse matches..

I went to Stefanel to walk around with Stephanie, and the shopgirl casually said to me,"it's great you are back to celebrate Valentine's day.  When are you getting married?"  I thought to myself,"diu..."

My closest friends all loved him, and thought we were so happy and compatible together.

I haven't told other non-close friends on fb about the breakup, and I am so scared to, because they will start telling me how insanely happy we looked in our numerous pictures together on fb.

It hurts so much when the whole world thinks we were happy, and I also thought I was happy... yet today I am alone, trying to find a way to cope with being alone, finding a new dragonboat team, skipping dinners because I don't want to go back to the same restaurants and be asked about him.

I'd rather that I had a bad relationship everybody disapproves of.

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