Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Funny Yoga Video on Youtube - Wheel Pose Variations

Yesterday I attended another "Shaolin Yoga" (Power 2) class.  This time I went to Wendy's class.  The students were even more hardcore than the first class I had attended, with most of the students able to do freestanding headstand.  I was the laziest student there, procrastinating a lot, holding most postures at least 2 breaths less than what the teacher instructed.

Among a number of interesting postures taught, we were instructed to flip back up on our knees after Wheel pose.  I had absolutely no idea how to do it so I just watched like an idiot.  Years ago when I first started doing yoga and researching on the net, there was no youtube so I could only search for forums and pictures, trying to piece together how to get into and out of poses.  Well, just now I decided to search on youtube, and while I did not find the exact variation I was after, I found the following which cracked me up!

- how there is this strap/ branch right in front of the video recorder the whole time
- the butterfly flying around
- how "alternative" the lady is, how long she waited and smiled before starting her demonstration... not sure when the recording started

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