Monday, February 8, 2010

Huge Work Disappointment

I ended my work week badly on Friday, with bad news from my biggest client - potentially the study would be cancelled or significantly scaled down because of cost control pressure from their headquarters.  The client's share price has dropped by 10% in just 3 days last week.

It was a real blow to me.  I had worked very hard to win this enormous study back in Dec. 

Today because I was busy preparing alternative quotations to client, I missed an internal meeting.  My "new" boss, for whatever reason, announced the news to other seniors of the department.  My work "partner" immediately asked him about the implications on his team and my team, and allocation of accounts, as if I had already lost the entire project.  Then 10 minutes ago (it's 9ish and I'm still in office preparing quotation), another colleague dropped by and said she was sorry about my project.  I was so upset even though I knew she wanted to show her concern, and she said my "new" boss had asked her to check with her friend in my client's company what had happened.  What the hell is going on?  I haven't lost the project yet, and already my boss is making it sound like I have.  And what contact could my colleague have at my client's company, who's more senior than the global contact that I have??

I complained to my "old" boss, and told him I wasn't happy about such internal marketing.  He understood, and I'm sure he felt just as crap.

I feel so upset that there's been so much internal marketing of this before anything was even finalized.  It's causing so much gossip, rumours, speculation already.  And it's making me feel even crappier than the incident itself.

If only there was someone I could cry to.

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