Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two Peas in a Pod, Traveling

Having done so many travels alone, these days I only enjoy solo traveling when I have someone special back home to share my experience with - real time.  I have never really thought about how the person at the receiving end felt though - hearing all the funny stories - real time - but not being there to experience it first hand.  Perhaps it really sucked for them!

I think I would still enjoy traveling alone on spiritual journeys - you know, places that are soulful, enlightening - unless I have a soulful companion who wouldn't spoil the mood.  Otherwise, for all other places, it's so much more enjoyable having someone to explore together. 

I am still very much a fairytale kinda girl.  Silly day dreaming like a little girl, thinking how cool it would be to run around with a guy holding hands, experiencing everything together like two peas in a pod.  Sort of like what Kev and I were, for a while at least (before things fell apart of course!).  I really really aspire to be just a simple girl running around with a simple guy.  You may say,"but you aren't a simple girl, dear."  And I would say,"but I AM just a simple girl being thrown into complicated, sad situations.  I don't belong in those situations, really."  And I know you still won't believe me.....

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