Monday, June 13, 2011

Alone in Valencia

Arrived at Valencia, I hungrily walked around Plaza Reina to look for tapas.....

It's hard to have tapas for one person, as they are meant to be shared so I can only finish 2 tapas by myself without wasting food or money.

Drink: Cava. (I only know of cava and sangria in Spain)
Food: Calamares, and bacalhao with red pepper in olive oil (lovely on bread even though I normally don't eat pepper)
The bacalhao dish was a recommendation by the staff.  And I love it.

I'm enjoying my lunch on the sidewalk, surrounded by couples, groups of tourists. Being the only one eating alone, I am used to curious stares and unaffected. It's strangely chilled here, in Valencia, and I am already in love with the people here. The lady who recommended the bacalhao dish to me just stuck her head out of the window to ask if I liked the sweetness of the red pepper paired with the saltiness of the fish. Earlier, an old man walked over with a bottle of garlic mayo telling me I must try calamares with it  How sweet.

I sip my cava, watching people walk by, and am enjoying all this. I also think about the Spain trip o had with Angie - it was my first time in Europe and was very excited by everything around me. I also think what it would be like to be here with a special someone. I think it could be nice too, but sometimes it's nice to travel with someone who can also quietly enjoy the experience instead of frantically dash from tourist spot to tourist spot like competing in Amazing Race.

It's difficult isn't it, looking for companion with similar energy level, state of mind. Yet, I also admire couples who are able to accept extreme differences and accommodate. It's an art.

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