Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My 5 Year Plan (Wishlist) Back in 2007!

I was searching my previous blog for an entry on fantasyland, and by chance came across this entry I wrote on 5-year plan, back in 2007!!!  It was scary - like finding a time capsule you buried in childhood.  Here's the entry:
Dream Life N5Y (Next 5 Years)
So I wanted:
- To do some kind of shopper/ social research
- To be in some serious, loving, lasting, trusting, monogamous relationship
- To live in a sweet cozy home in old building with balcony and high ceiling
- To have a golden retriever
- To be able to work from home sometimes
- To work in an area which involves writing and coming up with ideas
- To master portuguese
- To be able to work / live more overseas while I am still single
- To support my family and live closer to them
- To start a family with the right person

Em.... I don't know what to say.... 5 years from then, would be Nov 2012, not that far from now really.

Well, I DO have a dog now - not golden retriever but he is in every way comparable to, if not better than, a golden retriever :)

I WAS in some monogamous relationship for 2 years.... we WERE sweet and happy and trusting until... um... we weren't .... oops...  I WAS in a short relationship for a few months... and I WAS happy and felt sweet when we were together..... oops.  Guess I didn't really the hit lasting mark.

I have done a few shopper research projects.... as for social research, well I DID have a project interviewing bar girls in Thailand (that counts right??  "social"....)

I do financially support my family, even though they never moved closer to me

Balcony?  Nope.  High ceiling?  Well, not too low I guess.  Old building?  Sort of old but not that old...   I think I also mentioned having lots of plants.  For a while I did have some plants at home before they all died.
Travel - oh yeah indeed I traveled a lot in the past few years, so much and so far I prayed I could stay put in Hong Kong.

Master Portuguese....em......... not really.  Though I can read a little bit... Guess you don't count that as mastering.

Work from home....yeah I did get sick a lot and ended up doing a lot of conference calls, replying a lot of emails from home.

Writing.... not for a living... but yes I do update my blog and maintain my "happy" album - still haven't explored further.

Finally, start a family....... Wow, this is a big one.  Was close to achieving that before everything fell apart (more like BLEW UP).  After that, no one really saw me as wife material yet.  My Chinese soup of love, support through thick and thin, loyalty, generous supply of love hasn't received much appreciation.  Admittedly, those who remotely showed any interest, I ran away before they even got a chance to get close.  Perhaps I should open up to anyone and everyone and see how it goes! 

I don't know if I should blame my plan as lacking in focus/ substance, or I just haven't really stayed focused in searching for those things.  :(

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