Wednesday, June 29, 2011

If My Puppy Were My Son

My puppy has been running towards the door excitedly every time he heard the the sound of the outer gate, then disappointingly walking back when he realized it wasn't Benny coming home.

I am lucky I have a puppy not a human son. I would have needed to really explain to him otherwise. It would have been difficult.

Still, I have told my puppy a few times: silly boy, Goh Goh is not coming back home again, but it's okay cos Jeh Jeh (I) will always be here for you, Baby. Goh Goh has his own life to lead. We need to let him go. Let's not wait for him okay?

If my puppy were a human boy, I might say to him: Baby, Goh Goh is not coming back home again, he doesn't want all those responsibilities he had for me and for you, or a routine life of coming home to us everyday. It isn't what he wants and Goh Goh has done enough. Some people in our lives stay for a very long time, or at least reappear every now and then with the biggest hugs, others leave and never turn back. We never know who will stay and who will not, until the very end. But don't feel sad, Baby, because those who do stay are all that matter to us. Let's not feel sad over those who left, but feel happy for those who are, and will be in our lives. One thing for sure, I am your Jeh Jeh, your Mommy, and I will stay in your life till the very end.

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  1. U know. I really believe they hear us and feel us, though like a kid they may not comprehend. I think he may want to say to you, Jeh Jeh, U be strong & brave too. And I luv u mom.

    hehe. :)