Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chocolate Guy

I arrived back in office noticing a small package on my desk.  I opened it and found two bars of Russian chocolate. Nice!

Yes I know who sent it to me, and I thanked him politely.

But you know what?  Life is very very mean to some people -

This person I met 9 years ago in yoga, he wrote me a letter back then asking me out for coffee.  Funny enough, he passed that letter to a guy who had a crush on me, so the guy threw away the letter and I didn't know about this until months later.  He came up to ask me if I had received it, and my face went totally blank.  "Huh?  What letter?"  He was very embarrassed after that.

We somehow crossed paths a few years later when his office happened to be in the same building as mine.  I think we only met up once for lunch.  I never had any interest in this friend.

Then by chance I introduced him to some friends of mine in China, so we met up in China when I went to visit my other friends.

A few months ago he came to Hong Kong briefly and I met up with him for dinner.  A very friendly dinner.  But before he got into the taxi, he gave me this very brief but weird stare.  As if he wanted to take another look at me.  I pretended I didn't notice.  Probably he didn't realize himself.

So back to what I was saying, life is very very mean to some people.  They can be the sweetest, nicest people, with decent jobs and all that, but some girls - like me - still put attraction, chemistry, love interest first.  And those girls - like me - would still happily accept the chocolate anyways. 

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