Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last Words - More Last Words

I realized there's still a few more people I must say something to, further to my "Last Words" post:

Victor, my brother, in case you are reading this, don't worry I am not dying yet - at least not planning to!  Please take good care of mom and dad, should I die before you, and explain to them that I have lived a very eventful life and that was all I wanted.  I don't know what to say to Dad, but I guess you can tell Dad I enjoyed spending time with him when I was little, going hiking with him, playing those "hit the marble" kinda games, drinking his beer and whisky and whatever he was drinking.  Please thank him for raising us.  And you, bro, thanks for becoming my good friend as an adult.  We may not agree on things sometimes and we do fight, but we care a lot about each other and I know that.  Sincerely, I wish you the very very very best in life.  I wish you a very happy and fulfilling life.  I really mean it.

Janis in Singapore, I really enjoyed you and Pat's company a lot.  I really cherish our friendship - given we actually never worked in the same office in the same country, it was really amazing how we became good friends.  I wish we could live in the same country then I could really hang out with you more :)  I hope I get to see you both get married before I die!  

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