Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My dog is a little thief!!

The other day I took Curly out for a walk and bumped into the legendary "Ninja" dog trainer in Happy Valley.  I call him "Ninja" cos he is always dressed in all black, military style, and only appears at night after midnight in the Valley, training dogs.

It was my first time actually talking to him.  I mean, he IS a legendary figure and he always looks so serious which makes him sort of scary.  Regardless, I took the courage to ask him if the waiting list for his dog training class was indeed 3 months.  He smiled then asked me what problems I had with my dog.  We ended up chatting for quite a bit and he gave me some tips how to train Curly not to be so neurotic and to calm down on the street.

Just now I clicked into the blog of another dog trainer called Mack, and I thought of contacting him to ask about his training.  I knew for sure he'd ask me what problems my dog had.  I thought in my head:  well, Curly is actually not a bad dog, just a bit mischievous and 古靈精怪... If I must pinpoint his behavioural problems, well he is picky with his food, he likes to jump onto the sofa, he begs me to let him sleep on my bed, he is very distracted by people and other dogs during walks, he gets over-excited when we have visitors and.... oh yes, HE LOVES TO STEAL!

How embarrassing to say that: Yes, my dog steals!  If I accidentally leave anything within his reach, he sneaks up, grabs it and runs away!!  Even when I stare at him, order him to drop it, he would still chew chew chew and if I make any movement he runs away from me!  I have tried to walk away instead and ignore him, but he would still chew on the thing for a bit before he drops it and comes to me for attention.  Ugggghhhh  He has stolen my socks (many times), my underwear, my bag, my shirt, a $10 note, my towel, my stuffed toy TT, etc.

Let's see if the trainer can teach me how to deal with that! Ha!

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  1. Wow, thanks. U described exactly how my dogs I dont need to write, but tell everyone that THEY R SIMPLY JUST A THIEF. :)