Monday, June 27, 2011

Taste of Life

Something made me doubt myself for a second today if I have become a bitter person.  I even needed to ask around to make sure.  (Thanks, my trusted friends, for reassuring me.)

No I am not a bitter person.  Despite the dark side of life and humanity I have seen, I am still full of hope and genuinely believe there is plenty of beauty and reasons for happiness in life.  How can you call that bitter?

Yet, am I all sweet?  I'd like myself to be ALL sweet, but realistically that could only happen if my entire life has been nothing but smooth sailing.  And only if I never quite understood life in its entirety. 

So what is the taste of life?  I would say, it's bittersweet.  It is not all sweet, but it is not all bitter either.  Without the bitterness, you may not appreciate the sweetness as much.  As a combination, it gives life a more complex flavor. 

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