Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Travel Must Haves

Given my frequent traveling and preference to only have hand-carry luggage, I need to prioritize what I must have on any trip, and what I can do without.

My Travel Must-Haves:
1. Small compact umbrella
2. Shades (to hide puffy eyes and chic-up!)
3. Photos of my pre-saved google maps (especially useful in unsafe areas, I could be super lost but instead of appearing like a lost tourist, I look more like a local expat checking my phone)
4. Cole Haan or Adidas ballerina flats with air cushion
5. Stomach medicine 黃蓮素
6. Compact universal adaptor
7. Muji liquid containers and clear vanity bag to store my beauty essentials
- shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, oil based makeup remover, Skinceuticals Phloretin (vitamin C essence), face lotion, contact lens solution, Murad lip balm
- comb, spare pair of new contact lenses
- a tiny plastic bottle of perfume in case I sit next to a smelly traveler
- brow pencil, Deja Vu waterproof no-smudge mascara, MAC eye pencil, eye lash curler, tweezers
8. Pashmina or large but light scarf (absolute must)
9. Pair of Havaianas to walk around hotel room, wear in shower if not very clean, walk around town casually
10. eBook on my iPhone
11. At least one dress suitable for a surprise date or fancy dinner
12. Clothes that don't crease easily and are as versatile as possible. Ideally of similar color tones to mix and match and go with same pair of dress shoes
13. Apart from my Cole Haan or Adidas flats in metallic or golden color, I bring max one pair of heels
14. My soft neck brace especially if flight is over 3 hours
15. iPhone and plug charger

These are what I can't travel without. I think I am generally quite low maintenance - but hey, if you are traveling for business, you really need to go for efficiency and mobility over having your entire home in your suitcase.

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