Monday, June 27, 2011


Dear God,

Thank you for giving me a fulfilling year. I cannot believe that each year has been more exciting than the last. I never dared ask for this but I vaguely remember as a young adult it had been my dream to live an exciting life - which I did! It had always been my fear to end up with a boring ordinary life.

People always say to look for the signs God left for you, in order to find what has been planned for you. Thank you for letting me notice the signs and act accordingly. If I hadn't done that, I wouldn't have joined a completely new dragonboat team, entered the "Amazing Race" competition, hosted a few parties at home, brought into my life a cheeky little dog, developed an eye for photography, reached out to new friends for advice and support, got to know plenty more people whether in neighborhood, at work or in other environments..... It felt great to surpass what I had thought were my limits and extend beyond my normal comfort zone.

Thanks for allowing me to finally forgive someone who had caused me plenty of misery at work years ago. Someone I had hated for many years since. It is a gift being able to forgive.

Thanks for giving me so much travel opportunities to see the world. Morocco, Argentina, Brazil, Vienna, France, Spain, Germany, India..... It was truly eye opening. Yet, at the same time, I thank you for letting me know that I had already seen a lot and I could really take a rest and try to find excitement in my country/ city of residence. The realization made me understand it was time for me to settle down and learn to enjoy stability.

I don't really want to thank you for the breakups, because as good lessons learned as they were, I really don't want more of those.  I really prefer not to learn more about the ungratefulness of men.  Have seen enough, and now I pray to you, God, to please bring a man into my life who will be genuinely grateful for all the kindness and love from me, and will reciprocate.  Someone who will have sufficient self-confidence to deal with me, and not feel inferior or challenged.  Someone who will love me for who I am, and will be keen to grow and experience life with me. 

I pray for happiness, feeling of security and certainty, and a clear vision of my path.


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