Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Appreciating Companionship

A long but very comfortable flight, now I understand why people pay so much for business class. 

I managed to sleep 7 hours and finished a movie, No Strings Attached. And it really got me thinking. 

Perhaps some relationships need a break up, time apart, to become stronger?  To give each other a chance to relax, not try so hard that it becomes stressful, to see each other's true personality?  To objectively consider if you can accept the other person's flaws, and likewise?  To rethink what you need?

I lived my life searching high and low for what I wanted, trying hard to stay focused - then I stopped searching in the past many months, just totally wanted to give up searching, and found comfort and balance in the simple companionship I had. It felt strangely nice. (And then I lost that companion.)

I'm not good at discussing these things with a guy I split with.  I always fear he will misunderstand me as trying to manipulate him.  The more I try to explain myself, the more I confuse a guy. How do you explain to a person it took you a long time to accept him, yet you hit it off quickly at first?  It sounds contradicting, but really it isn't. 

Perhaps it takes a certain level of maturity and stage of stability to appreciate the value of good companionship over a glamorous relationship others envy.

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