Sunday, July 3, 2011

To Play the Role of My Own Elder Sister

Being the only daughter in the family, I never had an elder, wiser sister who could listen and give me advice what to do.  I also never had much older friends who could tell me from experience what to do.

Chatting with my friend on MSN, I told him I started blogging since I was 19 and have had about 4 blogs since.  Some under my real name.  Some not.  I told him how embarrassed I would be to try and read my old blog entries.  So many question marks in those entries, asking WHY?  WHY?  WHY?   So lost, confused, angry, disappointed throughout my young adulthood.

Then we had an idea - it could be interesting for me to revisit some of those entries, and write a new response entry to them, almost like a third person, like my own ELDER SISTER responding to the younger sister's problems.

Let me try that.  Stay tuned!

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