Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sprained Ankle - First Reaction

Today I walked out of Market Place supermarket in my fancy flip flops, suddenly sprained my right ankle, kneeling on the ground (as if proposing to the big guy who happened to be standing in the street in front of me).  It wasn't just a slip, I knew it was a real sprain and my first thought was: F*ck!  There's so much waiting for me to do!  My sprained ankle would be getting in the way!

Honestly, I haven't really planned much physical activities except for swimming tomorrow at the beach, but in hindsight it was really good that my subconscious wanted to do a lot, and wanted to be physically fit to do so.  At least my first reaction wasn't: Ah crap!  Oh well, not like I really need a strong ankle for anything anyways! 

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