Monday, July 18, 2011

Facebook "Friend"-ships

A friend and I had a discussion on friends’ mentality behind their Facebook status updates. 

Why do some people check-in wherever they go?  Why do some people post pictures of their babies, dogs and cats every single day?  Why do some people update round the clock what they are doing, where they are going, what they are eating?   

Are they just eager to share their happiness?  Are they seeking approval from others?  Are they trying to show-off an exciting life they have?  Are they bored?  Are they trying to portray a certain image, self-promoting?

We didn’t come to any conclusion.  It’s probably a mix of these reasons and others.  Regardless, we both have had the experience where we ran into an acquaintance whom we didn’t really know that well and yet – we actually knew a lot about their everyday lives through Facebook!  I experience this ALL the time.  They don’t really know me as a person, but they know a helluva lot about Curly, my dragonboating and trips! 

I have never been a private person, so I personally don’t mind people knowing about my stuff.  I wouldn’t say that Facebook connections/ friend-ships are necessarily superficial, I think it depends on what you do with all that “superficial” information you have about your friends on Facebook.  Sometimes, through those updates, you learn more about your common interests with that person, you comment on/ like their updates to show your interest and support.  Other times, through those updates, you realize you have nothing in common with that person, and his/her perception of life annoys you.  (And you try for the longest time to discreetly remove that person from your list.)   

With the launch of Google+, I have become more selective in adding people to my circles.  Given my Facebook experience, I think I have a much better idea who are better off left as offline acquaintance and who can be acquaintance-with-potential-to-become-some-form-of-friend.   

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  1. hehe, I do use the FB check-in....ummmmm once in every 20 times I go, becoz usually I just plainly forget or dont see the need. When I do check-in, also it doesnt mean I see the need - more like..errr......just to play with what they have there, esp it's annoying seeing everyone "checking-in"'s just a way, at least for me, to the rest of the population. :)