Sunday, July 3, 2011

Revisiting: Things That Make Me Smile (May 07)

I think May 2007 was the time when Chico left Hong Kong and I met Stefan.  Clearly I was sooooo in love when I wrote this.  So cute!  Looking at my photo album of Things That Make Me Happy (2010-2011), I am relieved that the things that made me smile back in 2007 are still things I deeply cherish.  Even better, I have found a lot of new things to be happy about / to smile about.  Such as photography, at the receiving end of random kindness, etc.

Things that Make Me Smile (May 28, 07)

Something more cheerful this time: Things that Make Me Smile
  • Sunshine
  • Beach
  • Water
  • Thought of my bubbly mom and chilled dad
  • Thought of my "friendship" with my brother and him telling me for the first time (a few months ago) that he loved our family
  • Thought of my best friend Michelle, the times when we used to chill at my place in Toronto, when we went shopping together, when we had bubble tea, when I included a few Portuguese words in my email (she's Brazilian-Chinese)
  • Knowing I was in someone's thoughts
  • Smell of spring
  • 1st morning waking up in a foreign country
  • (2nd and 3rd and 4th....... morning waking up in foreign country)
  • Little kids smiling at me
  • My comfy bed
  • My huge plant "Tatiana"
  • Memory of someone saying goodbye to me teary-eyed, while wiping my tears with his finger
  • Memory of someone looking at me when I woke up from a nap and smiled
  • Sweet liquor
  • Nice, inspiring movie (that is not dark)
  • Connection with genuine, friendly, sincere people
  • Pudim de leite (milk pudding)
  • Long strolls
  • Fluffy animals
  • Support from friends
  • Support from family
  • Not following routines
  • Finding my new talent
  • Connecting with people from other cultures
  • My tan!!!!
  • Nature (everything BUT insects and reptiles and vicious-looking animals)
  • Outdoor activities (I'm talking about the action, largely excluding Sports haha)
  • Doing difficult yoga poses, esp arm balances
  • Music
  • Having the energy to hop and skip around
  • Good hair days
  • My apartment turned clean and clutter-free when I arrive home
  • Hot dry weather
  • Most things related to travel
  • Nice, engaging conversations
  • Great book
  • Re-reading breakup letters (written by me.....ha!!! ooops sorry, Ex's)
  • Looking at my silly old drawings and comic strips (mostly related to travel) / Thinking about the one I drew for my last Japan trip
  • Beautiful flowers (no yellow / purple / orange)
  • Refreshing colors
  • Nice clear sky
  • Kisses under the sun
  • Kisses in the rain
  • Me being a source of emotional support
  • Me lighting up someone's world
  • Someone I like looking at me lovingly
  • Someone I like trying to bring a smile to my face :)
  • ............................................................

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