Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Forgive, Don't Be a Scary Angry Woman

At different points in our lives we get angry at people who treat us unfairly.  Those who hurt our pride, our feelings, or who wronged us. We find it easier to forgive some people but not others.  We sometimes choose to hold a grudge and stay angry for a very long time. Yes, I believe it is a choice to forgive or to hold a grudge.

Set yourselves free, my friends, and learn to forgive. Don't let anyone turn you into angry women with eyes of hatred. Accept the fact that they are who they are, whether stupid, inconsiderate, careless, hurtful, selfish, weak or indecisive, and forgive them for hurting you. Stop feeling the anger, and, forgive. Forgiving does not necessarily mean you have to resume your relationship with that person.  Forgiveness is being able to face that person and tell him/her, without feelings of anger or hatred: Yes, you were horrible/ insensitive/ hurtful to me, but it's alright.  It doesn't matter anymore.

Life is very short, my friends. We cross paths with many people who upset us whether intentionally or unintentionally as a result of their values, life experience, personality, maturity level, and the situation at the time. By letting go of all anger, insistence on justice and apology, we become free and stop living in the past.  We learn to truly accept that life isn't perfect, and people aren't perfect - neither are we.  By staying angry, and trying to emotionally punish people (making them feel guilty), we end up punishing ourselves and we can't truly move forward in our lives. 

This is speaking from my own experience.  I see a lot of angry friends around me, and I hope they can let go of that burden and be happy again.

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