Monday, July 4, 2011

Chatting Up Firemen

The Fire Services team captain who often drums for us.
Our dragonboat team is a super fun and hilarious one, both male and female paddlers alike.  It's been 1.5 years paddling with them, seeing them every single week (or more), and I still have a tons of laughs with them, whether during practice or on race days.

Last week we had a race in Stanley and the firemen team came to help us out as usual.  We have seen them numerous times before, but we hardly had a chance to chat with them as the firemen had super fit bodies but were super shy!

So we girls were chitchatting last week between races and someone mentioned it was hard to start a conversation with those firemen.  I casually said, jokingly, "Oh that's easy!  How about,'is fighting fires a hard job?'  Or,'is the fabric of your fireman uniform breathable?  Must be hot wearing that in the summer!'  Or,'apart from fighting fires, what do you do as a fireman?'"  The girls giggled :P

Well, sounds like silly questions, but guys ask silly questions like that all the time to chat up a girl!  It works, no?

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