Sunday, July 10, 2011

Don't blame my dog for me being single!

Someone connected to me on Facebook but barely knew me told me I shouldn't spend so much time with my dog and put aside the importance to meet men. What the f*ck? Don't blame my dog for my single status!

The lady meant well - I am absolutely sure - but sometimes people feel so bad for me that they try to find out the reason why I am still single. Quoting the lady: You are so pretty and kind and smart, it isn't possible you are single! If people like you are single, what's gonna happen to rest of us ordinary women?

Well I don't mean to disappoint, but yes, even pretty and nice girls can be very single and there doesn't have to be a reason for it. It doesn't mean that ordinary girls are even more doomed cos many guys actually are afraid to pursue not-so-ordinary girls.

But really, blaming my dog is not fair and it's judgemental! I actually spend my weekends hanging out (without my dog), and I often go out after I've fed my dog on weeknights. Certainly I am not single because my dog is eating up my time! If I am home, it's because I want some alone time or I don't have any friend to hang out with. Why blame my dog?!

If you truly care about me, as a friend, don't judge my life or way of living. I appreciate you feel nervous for me, but you gotta be patient. Have some faith in God. Or find me a nice man directly! Ha.


  1. I think sometimes these people need to learn to shut public, keep such thoughts in their minds plz. Plus, seriously, u by posting puppy's pics =/= U dont have a life. And also, even without a puppy, u could be doing the same thing, except no need fixing time to feed him. Going out less dont mean no life....or need a life.

  2. Yah, we single female dog owners easily get judged for replacing men with dog, giving up on men, etc, if we keep talking about our dogs. But our dogs are adorable and they are an important part of our lives. That's why I refuse to stop posting pics on fb of my dog. I don't care if they judge me or get sick of seeing my dog. hahahaha In fact, I started a "circle" on Google+ called Dog-Unfriendly Friends, so I can exclude them from any pics of Curly in the future LOLLLLLLLLL