Monday, July 4, 2011

Revisiting: One phone call (Nov 2007)

My comment today on my own entry back in 2007:  
My dear, I wish I could travel through time and space to go back to 2007, and warn you.  That phone call should have ended everything, to stop your further heartbreak in 2008, when he came back and then left again.  You will never forget this phone call, and how broken you were afterwards.  It's okay to remember.  Just please also remember - one day you need to let go and stop hating him.  Given the choices he had, walking away from you was the easier and more rational one.  He didn't love you enough to stay, but that's alright - there's plenty more things and people waiting for you in your future ahead.  And more importantly, the beautiful memories you had with him will never fade.  Those memories will be yours and his to keep forever, and you will realize one day that most people live their whole lives without ever experiencing that.
One phone call (Nov 20, 07)

One phone call, and the world around me came to a halt. No sound, no feeling, no heartbeat. Like a momentary power interruption.

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