Monday, July 11, 2011

Mean Joke about Maturity Level of a 21-Year-Old

A 21-year old boy said I needed more time for my dog, myself, HIM (wtf?!!), and friends.
I said I'd need 36 hours a day. He told me to take a day off.
I wish life is as simple as it was when I was 21.  Skip school.  Give myself a day off whenever I felt blah.

Then I told my silly Dutch friend at work about this, on Communicator.  And he said:
who knows, he might be really adult for his age.... or at least in the eyes of his classmates whooohhahaaaaahhhaaaa

Cracked me up completely!  "At least in the eyes of his classmates"hahahahah  So mean!!!  But funny!

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