Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Things which make me happy - Sweetness of my favourite masseuse+friend,"泰妹" (aka Thai Girl, Ana, 雯雯) at Happy Foot (Happy Valley).

 She has been my masseuse since a year ago, and she is very good (I took a picture of her with my film camera today so I'll post a separate picture of her next week). Most importantly, she is very good-natured and sweet.

I hadn't seen her for 2 months before last Sunday, when my whole body was aching real bad. The sweet girl was very happy to see me and told me she had bought some very fresh Tom Yum Gung ingredients. She then decided to give them all to me, and teach me how to cook it!

Today I went again as my right side of body was quite painful. The sweet girl had had her day off yesterday and she had gone to Kowloon City to buy me some more ingredients like tamarind paste, coconut milk... and she had also bought me some tamarind candies! She refused to take my money no matter what and insisted that I take them as a souvenir!

I feel so blessed I have friends from all walks of life caring about me in their different ways.

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