Thursday, March 4, 2010

So glad it was not a date!

Last night some friends arranged a night out to watch horse racing in Happy Valley. It was pretty fun and exciting. It was not as crowded and overwhelming as I had been told (likely because it was not some special race), but was interesting nonetheless!

I went with a couple and their friend whom I had met once or twice before, a very friendly person. It was a night out checking out the horse racing scene in Hong Kong, NOT a date. I am not a gambler and have always been scared of gamblers and their obsession.

The couple were not gamblers either but their friend turned out to be one. It was a really strange experience for me as the guy seemed a bit grumpy the whole night losing money. In the last race, when he was hoping to at least break even, as the horses approached the finishing line, he started shouting behind me "Go Number Ten! Number Ten in Second! Come on!" His shout sounded more like anger and anxiety than excitement.

It was strange, seeing a different side of an otherwise friendly person, who took the races so seriously.

It was still a fun night out with my friends and it was absolutely sweet of them to arrange it so I could get out of the house and do something different. I just thought I was very lucky it was not a date, because otherwise it would have been the worst date of my life!

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