Saturday, March 6, 2010

Things which make me happy - Cooking Food I Like

I've always enjoyed cooking.  I used to make breakfast and dinner for him and I every now and then, and I enjoyed it a lot because he really appreciated it.  I'm very traditional Chinese in this sense - cooking to me is an expression of care and love especially Chinese soup. 

Well, now that I have no one to cook for, I sometimes cook soup for myself.  I don't really cook dishes anymore as there's too much work for just myself, so I usually just boil some frozen dumplings.

A few days ago, using the Tom Yum Gung ingredient pack from my masseuse, I cooked the soup for the first time even though I rarely order it in restaurants.  It was great working with new ingredients I hadn't even heard of before.  I love cooking because I love food and specifically the taste of certain dishes - and cooking allows me to make my food taste exactly the way I like.

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