Saturday, March 6, 2010

Things which make me happy - My Community

In Hong Kong, I live in a small but charming community in the city - which is a rare find unless one lives in a small village in New Territories.  This is why my rent is so inflated!

I literally walk down the street and wave at various people along the way...  Locksmith (below), herbal tea shop owners, owner of the curtain / upholstery shop, restaurant owners, property agents...  They are mostly very genuine and sweet people, and we can chit chat quite a bit. 

This is the locksmith below my flat. "Key Man" has become a friend of mine since I moved to the current flat 2 years ago. He loves giving me lectures on family, love, life, cooking (yeah cooking), and he's such a friendly soul.

He was bored that night and borrowed this stranger boy's bicycle to play with.

This is my Thai masseuse Ana/ Thai Girl/ Man Man, at Happy Foot, Happy Valley. She is Thai but came to Hong Kong with her family when she was 17 and speaks some Chinese and English (and of course Thai).
She is a very sweet girl we can chat the entire 2 "parts" while she gives me the strongest massage ever. We can talk about my work, her work, her marriage, my relationship, my stupid injuries from "shaolin master yoga" and paddling, beauty... She is a very good masseuse, using both Chinese pressure point and Thai massage techniques. She gives me very strong massages and always reminds me "no pain no gain".

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