Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Things which make me happy - 幸福飯 (Heartwarming Rice Dish)

I was once known for my addiction to this rice dish I used to call 幸福飯 (Heartwarming Rice Dish).
It's actually 叉燒煎蛋飯加火腿,1/3飯,少油多汁 - Roast Pork with Fried Eggs, Ham, 1/3 Steamed Rice, Less Oil, More Soy Sauce.

Each time I order this, the staff would ask if I'd prefer half the normal portion of rice instead and I'd say,"no, one-third is fine. I can't finish it anyways and there's a lot of people who are starving each day so I don't want to waste food." They still end up giving me half portion though.

I posted these on facebook as well, and surprisingly quite a few friends found the idea interesting - making an album of things which make one happy.

I really think it helps to consciously remind ourselves what makes our lives interesting and meaningful, what brings smiles to our faces.

I'm sure my list of things could be very different from yours. What matters is we don't take things and people for granted. I figured that by actively making a point to take pictures of these things that touched me/ made me smile to myself, I would appreciate life more.

Hope this inspires you all too.

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