Sunday, September 12, 2010

Two Puppies

Last night I went to a friend's place for dinner. I had a great time playing with her dogs, Ding Ding & Dau Dau, and watching them play among themselves.

Ding Ding is the smaller female puppy, Dau Dau is the older male. I watched how Dau Dau, even when chilling on the other side of the room/ sofa, stuck his head out to see what Ding Ding was doing, and how he would turn around when running to check on Ding Ding..... And for a second I thought to myself, I still want a boyfriend who'd look out for me like that, so naturally, out of love and concern.

It still saddens me how someone judged me to be too demanding hence still single.  I know I shouldn't care how others think but I do in this regards because I tried so hard to protect and grow my past few relationships, especially the last serious one.  Up till this day, I occasionally still break down crying when I recall vividly some of the scenes where I was feeling extremely hurt and heartbroken.  I still remember how I stood crying in Stanley Street when someone walked away from me out of anger. 

Today, I had a movie date.  The guy was already a bit quiet before the movie, probably because last night when he called to ask if I would give him a chance, I told him I felt like it was better to just stay friends for now.  When we arrived at the theater, he suddenly turned and walked away, towards the elevator!  I stood there, eyes wide open, jaw dropped, not believing what was happening.  He walked back and said he didn't feel like watching the movie anymore.  Still jaw dropping and stunned, I told him I was shocked he thought he could treat a girl like that.  Yes he has a right to his emotions, but it's extremely horrible to cancel a "date" last minute - right in front of the cinema - because of his mood!  I cannot believe at this age, I had to control my anger and try to calmly explain to a grown man why it was not right to walk out on a girl like that, why it was childish, immature, juvenile.  He apologized many times after that, and asked if I would still give him a chance.  Why should it be my job to tell guys how they should treat me, respect me, not hurt my feelings, not make me cry, not walk out on me?


  1. What a loser! It's not right for ANYONE to walk our on someone last minute due to his/her mood. If he was moody, cancelled it he NUTS??!!!

  2. <<>> TOtally gets it when talking about someone walking out on me due to arguements and just dumped me on the street.

    I was walked out on, in the middle of nowhere in S'pore, where only cars could get there. I got no idea where I was as it was 1st time there and I got no wallet as it was left in the car and I of coz got no cell......LOL

  3. Emotions, if uncontrolled, make people do very stupid things they regret afterwards.....