Friday, September 10, 2010

Chocolate Indulgence: VERO Lounge, Hong Kong

No chocolate lover should live in or visit Hong Kong without indulging in a cup of decadent hot chocolate in VERO Lounge, a romantic chocolate lounge opened by a local premium chocolatier, VERO Chocolates, comparable to any world-class brands.

Located in Fenwick Pier Arcade by the harbour in Wanchai, this is a quiet location with a romantic ambience.  I am not a chocoholic, or chocolate junkie who eats all sorts of chocolates, but every once in a while I do enjoy fine chocolate.  

It is a must to try the hot chocolates in this lounge.  My friend and I shared three cups of dark and thick hot chocolate, each special in its own way:
Peru - Very refined, pure, with very understated sweetness and little acidity
Ecuador - Smooth, rich, sweet
Venezuela (Chuao) - Balanced taste, smooth and rich

Our favourite was Peru (blue one on the left - these pictures were newly added on Oct 22, 2010).  The Peru hot chocolate goes down so smoothly, and the delicate aroma was truly mesmerizing.  Each cup was also beautifully decorated with a colorful coating at the top.  Under the dim lighting, at first I thought it was a lid.  It was very pretty.  I did not expect such a lovely experience and did not bring my proper cameras to take pictures.  Next time I certainly will.  The experience left such an impression, we decided it should be preserved with only an occasional indulgence.  
The lounge also has chocolate cakes, brownies, and showcases of specially made chocolate display - such work of art - and their chocolate products.  They also serve alcohol, but I think the highlight is still the selection of hot chocolates.
I promise it will be a memorable experience.

A piece of advice:  When trying the hot chocolate, drink it from the cup instead of trying with the small spoon.  Like tasting wine, let the hot chocolate spread across your tongue to fully taste the true flavor.  If you only take small sips from the little spoon, likely you'll only concentrate on the tip of your tongue and the chocolate may taste much sweeter than it actually is.  Enjoy!

For more pictures, please refer to the new posting on Oct 22, 2010: Chocolate Indulgence: VERO Lounge (Pictures)

Address: 1/F, Fenwick Pier Arcade, 1 Lung King Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong 
Phone: (852) 25595882
Sunday to Wednesday: 10am to 10pm
Thursday to Saturday: 10am to midnight
They sometimes close for private functions.  Do call in advance to check before visiting.


  1. Dear Tea Yee

    Thank you for your comment and sharing, we are honoured to have you in VERO Lounge and becoming one of the topics in your blog.

    As you said, chocolate is an indulgence as well as beautiful art, that's what we always look for and i hope you had a delicious evening with unique experience in our place.

    To let more people understand and enjoy the beauty of fine chocolate, we are going to open our Flagship store in Central very soon. Would be great if you can send us an email (attn: Cherrie Lo,, so we can send you some info about our new opening.

    Hope to see you again in VERO Lounge! Have a nice weekend.

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    Warmest Regards
    VERO Chocolates Team

  2. I wouldn't have blogged it if it hadn't been an outstanding experience. To be honest, I was tempted to keep it a secret so nobody could spoil it!

    Great job!

  3. I went there couples of months ago. Would love to try your recommendation - Peru next time I go. Or lets get together there one of these Sats.....:)

  4. It's addictive to say the least.... the holy grail of hot chocolate beverages.... I want the recipe....;)