Tuesday, September 7, 2010

感恩Give Thanks

I have been to a few Chinese Christian weddings where most of the speeches repeated the importance to give thanks 感恩. 

Whenever I am single, and have a moment to reflect on life before bed - which is a luxury when living with boyfriend because my mind is often occupied with other daily issues or worries - I often remember to give thanks to God for giving me a big comfortable bed to sleep in.  I have been doing this since about 5 years ago when I bought my IKEA bed frame and mattress with my own salary.  Now, despite the bed frame making squeaky noise and seemingly falling apart, mattress getting thinner and softer, I still go to bed feeling immense comfort and how blessed I am.

I do not take anything I have for granted.  Nothing is permanent in life.  I treasure everything I have while I can.  I hope by sharing with you these thoughts, you might also gain awareness of your own blessings from God.

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