Saturday, September 4, 2010

Brazilian Milk Pudding / Pudim de Leite

After years of having a sweet tooth, I am generally not crazy about desserts.  Pudim de Leite does remain a favourite of mine, and I'd like to share the recipe here with you.  

I found the recipe on, and it is more or less similar to the recipe my Brazilian friends have.  It is super easy to follow.  I did make some small adjustments to this recipe to fit my taste and my small oven:

1 cup sugar (for the caramel)
1 can sweetened condensed milk
Equal volume of regular milk (use the can to measure)
3 eggs
1 8-inch ring mold for large ovens OR small ramekins if you have small counter top ovens

Place 1-2 inches of water in a roasting pan. Place the pan in the oven and preheat to 325 degrees F or 163 degrees C.

Traditional way: Put the sugar in the ring mold. Place the mold directly over medium heat. Keep turning the mold until the sugar melts into a golden brown caramel and spoon it up the sides of the mold. Be careful not to burn the sugar and yourself.

Alternative Way (My Way, tested): If you are using ramekins instead of a large ring mold, you can alternatively melt the sugar - preferably white sugar - in a saucepan.  You may wish to use a little bit more sugar because there will be some wastage.  So melt the sugar over medium heat, once it turns into golden brown caramel, immediately pour the sugar into the ramekins CAREFULLY but QUICKLY (the sugar solidifies in no time) and turn the ramekins to try and coat the bottom evenly as much as possible.  My experience is that you don't really need to coat it perfectly, because when you finally put the pudding in the oven to bake, the sugar naturally melts again and will evenly coat by itself.

Combine the condensed milk, regular milk, and eggs in a blender. Whip until smooth. Pour this mixture into the mold and place it in the center of the roasting pan with water. Bake the pudim for about 1 hour for large oven OR 30 minutes for small counter top oven using ramekins. It will turn golden brown on top and start separating from the sides of the mold. You can also use a toothpick or a fork to poke into the pudding and check if it comes out clean.  Let it cool to room temperature and place in refrigerator, preferably overnight (at least 6 hours).

Just before serving, run the tip of a knife around the inside of the mold. Place a deep platter over the mold and invert. The pudim should slide out easily. If not, give the mold a firm but careful shake. Spoon the caramel sauce on top and serve. 


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