Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Story from a Weirdo Magnet: Mr. Neighbor's SMS

I read this from my friend's facebook status message, and I laughed out loud.  So with my friend, J's, permission I am sharing her story here.

J is a hot, outgoing, active, single girl living in LA (with her dog Guinness).  Yesterday she received an sms from her neighbor - a married man with a child:
‎"friend of mine is organizing a "trade a massage party" in the afternoon of one the weekend days either this weekend or next. Are u interested? Guests are welcome to bring massage oils, clean towels, healthy foods and drinks, a little win...e or beer; dress code is anything sexy u want to wear to laungerie to nothing at all for the more daring spirits (I'm going to suggest that they change dress code to "wear ur towel only"). Ur suggestions r welcome. Idea is for those that just want to de-stress and relax to feel welcome and just trade massage n respected in a totally comfortable environment and those that want be more daring can be as daring as they want. Those that want to bring their hot date have to trade or share their date. Pushy guys will be kindly asked to leave so that nobody has to feel uncomfortable. Let me know if this sounds like something u want to try. It sounded like a ton of fun to me (I'm always begging for massage at home) and I was asked to pass along the invitation to anyone I thought was cool."
Poor J, she was completely grossed out by this freak who was obviously trying to cheat on his wife, inviting her to join an "as daring as you want" kind of swingers party, and replied saying it was not her cup of tea.  Mr. Neighbor, unaffected, had the nerves to shamelessly reply:
"That makes two of us, but I guess I'm more intrigued by it than you! If I end up going and it turns out to be fun I'll tell u about it. Enjoy the afternoon! U got me curious: what is ur cup of tea? I've always been intrigued by you - I think you are one of the most interesting worthwhile persons I know."
 How screwed up is that?!  To top it off, I told a male friend about it, and he didn't think it was a big deal.
"I don't see anything's wrong with it.  If she's not up for it, that's fine."
"Um, you are missing the point - the man is trying to cheat on his wife!"
 "Well, yeah sort of, but if she's not up for it, she just needs to be clear about it."
Sigh..... Please, where are the decent men out there?

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