Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Won't Try to Make You Understand Me

I only proactively shared my blog with fewer than 20 people.  If you happen to be one of them it means I have trust in you that either you are open-minded or know me well enough to NOT take everything I write literally, or judge me so quickly.  I am very direct and descriptive the way I express my strong feelings and thoughts - often times in the heat of the moment - and it could sometimes be offensive to the person/ people being written about.

If you were never given my blog address yet you actively searched for it - found it - and felt upset about what you read: my sincerest apologies.  It was the reason why I didn't share it with you in the first place.  Now that you do have the address, I can only ask that you consider the possibility of not taking any comments personally. 

I am not a bad person.  I am just a normal person - like you and everyone else - who reacts to things.  Except that I write about my thoughts and feelings, perhaps sometimes too passionately.

I used to write hoping to make some people I cared deeply about understand me.  It was my channel to communicate to them how much love and happiness I was feeling, and how much pain I was going through.  I stopped doing that after my breakup with Kevin.  The blog stopped being my hope of being understood and moving someone, and became purely a channel to share, express and obtain feedback.  I hate cliches.  Yet, I cannot deny that when that relationship died, a piece of me also died quietly.  And I lost my spirit to fight, to seek, to touch.   My current blog is reflective of that emotional journey of mine, as compared to my previous one which was much more emotional.

Anyhow, as I stated in the first post, this blog would focus on sharing rather than self-discovery and dwelling on sadness.  This will continue to be the direction of this blog.

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  1. Well, I suppose those who stalkingly searched for the site, read & felt upset about it - they should shut their mouths and not comment back to you. They should just stay upset in their own little world. It's a reason you didnt share with them. This is your space to vent out, to say something, to share your feelings. People, pls respect that - respect her privacy, respect yourself enough to respect others!

    100% support you to keep sharing. :)