Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Travel Plans - Going Solo?

I was originally planning a trip to Spain + Morocco in late Sep with someone but that fell through today because my friend had other medium/long haul trips around that period and it would be too much budget pressure.

*taking a deep breath*
it means I will either have to abandon my travel plan or travel solo.

Only picture of me 
in Casablanca

Pathetic self-portrait 
in front of a tomb 
in a cemetery 
in Buenos Aires.

Tough call.  I have traveled to numerous places alone, whether for work or pleasure, and I fully appreciate the joys of traveling alone.  Though, when traveling to really far-off countries, it is much better value for money and more enjoyable to share the costs and experience with a compatible travel partner.  Not to mention it is invaluable to have someone play the role of your personal photographer during the trip.  It sucked having only one decent picture of me from Casablanca - rest were either awkward self-portraits (I hate self-portraits, they make me feel like a narcissist) or completely bad pictures taken by strangers with shaky hands or zero framing sense.

I haven't yet figured out what to do with this travel plan.  I don't like to travel with just anyone, or even any friend, for that matter.  My travel motto is: better to have no travel companion than a bad one.  Just like relationships.

Perhaps I might still explore the option of traveling only to Morocco alone, if accommodation won't cost me an arm and a leg outside of Marrakech.  Otherwise, I really have to think about what other economical yet exciting options are available.

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