Friday, August 13, 2010

Pantene Clinicare Hair Time Renewal One Wash Treatment

Never a fan of drugstore hair care products - because my hair is fine, processed and damaged by sun and sea water - I recently came across this Pantene treatment and was pleasantly surprised.

My hair was usually quite rough to the touch unless I blew dry it, and was frizzy, brittle and dull looking.  I got a sample of this Pantene treatment from a women's magazine, tried it and liked how the product felt so "foamy" on the hair when applied.  You apply this after normal conditioning, and wait for 3 minutes before rinsing off.  After 3 treatments, I could really feel the difference.  See my picture below - my hair is rarely this shiny and smooth if I don't blow dry my hair.

You can find this in Watson's and Mannings.  Sold at around HKD 79.9 for 10 tubes in one box.  It's a weekly treatment, but you can use more often if your hair is as dry as mine.

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