Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tarte Cheek Stain

Most females I know cannot live without mascara and lipstick.  For me, it's blush.

Years ago I had a male friend bring back from US for me Tarte cheek stain, in Blushing Bride shade I think.  I loved it to death!  Unfortunately I cracked the container after some months and I had to give up the leaking tube.

When I was in Phuket with my female friend some months ago, I noticed she was using this product too, which I had forgotten for years.  So recently when a friend from US came to visit, I begged him to buy them for me.  As far as I know, they aren't available in Hong Kong yet.

It is like a stick of delicious smelling juice, and is perfect if you are after the natural blush-after-a-run (blush-after-sex) look.  Gel based, it is ultra moisturizing and gives your cheeks not only a very natural color but also a healthy glow which other cream based or powder based blush can't.  It is long lasting and you can layer it for more color, and the texture is very easy to blend with your fingers.  I got the product in Sunkissed and Tickled.  Sunkissed gives you a tanned, bronze look, and Tickled a subtle blush.  Since I am already very tanned, I use Sunkissed first, to add more color and add an extra layer of Tickled.  (If I use Sunkissed alone, I would look "fried" as it is a brownish shade.)

Hope you can order it online or find it in some rare cosmetic shop!

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