Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And She Lived Ordinarily Ever After

I was chatting with a friend and telling him how an ex of mine had recently judged me and had said that I should lower my standards and expectations to look for a guy to marry.  Then I wrote this during my chat session:
i don't intend to randomly find some guy to marry, get pregnant, post some ugly half naked pictures of me and my big baby belly online, and live my life ordinarily ever after w/ my ordinary husband and ugly baby!!
I laughed after I wrote this.  It just came out of my mind(?), fingers(?) naturally.  It was my true thought.

I am not asking for a glamorous life, an outstanding husband.  I just want what makes me happy, secure, comfortable.  Don't make me live your life the way you feel is "normal".  Don't blame me for my failed relationships like I didn't treasure them.  I am not an extreme feminist who wants to prove that I can live without men.  I am not trying to prove anything - I am just coping with life, circumstances, the best I can.  It is not my choice I am now like swimming alone in the deep end of the ocean trying to keep my head above the water.  I do hope I will eventually meet that special someone who swims with me and lets me know I am safe with him.  Before then, I can only learn to take good care of myself, and my family, and patiently wait for that person to come along.

To all those who successfully found your other half, I wish you success in your marriage and your family life.  Please, don't forget the time when you struggled to look for your partner before.  It was never as simple as making a phone call and say "hey let's be a couple".  In case you have already lost touch with the dating scene, it has not gotten any easier.  Please, be a little more sensitive and considerate.

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  1. Ar, well, nowadays my guy frenz even wouldnt ask me about "r u getting married?" but in their conversation, they would refer galz wasting their time, not nailing down a husband. So I asked them,m r u referring me? No, U r different. No, I am not different. I am a woman too. Why is it that people need to "comment" on others how we should lower our standard. So does it mean coz they are now married, they actually lowered the standard too??

    I went to many weddings. Honestly, I rarely see the luv spark btw the couple. Call me critical, I am indeed honestly critical.