Saturday, August 14, 2010

Things which make me happy: Simple Wholesome Food

I love food, and I appreciate good food.  It's not always the more expensive, the more complex the better.  In fact, some of my best meals were the most simple dishes.

I remember going to a wine tasting dinner once, and had the opportunity to hang out with the chef from Australia.  My friend and I took him to dim sum lunch, and I was shocked to see the chef dip shrimp dumplings (hargow) in soy sauce, and commented that Chinese dim sum lacked flavor.  How can a chef not appreciate the natural flavor of vegetables, seafood, meat, etc.?  After tasting his multi-course dinner at the wine tasting, I learned that he liked using a lot of sauces and strong flavors in his dishes (mostly European), but to me often times the natural flavor was outshone, with the exception of fresh oysters dipped in lemon sorbet, which was sensational.

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