Wednesday, August 18, 2010 (Good Reading Materials for Women): Top 10 Ways to Take It Down a Notch

Was talking to a male friend who psychoanalyzed me and concluded that I was an Alpha Female.  So I googled Alpha Female, and one of the top search results was an article on  Quite an interesting article, which led me to browse around the site and came across this article:  Top 10: Ways to Take It Down a Notch

In case you don't have time to go through the entire article here's a summary:

Top 10: Ways to Take It Down a Notch
Some relationships progress so quickly that either party may secretly feel the need to slow down a bit - without breaking up - and avoid committing too quickly too seriously.  Here are top 10 ways to slow down a relationship:

#10 - Take her on group dates.
#9 - Avoid relationship milestones. If you haven't yet met the parents, avoid meeting the parents.
#8 - Throw yourself into your work.  A legitimate reason to not spend so much time together.
#7 - Take back your weekends.
#6 - Call less often.
#5 - Have post-date plans.  Make plans with other people after a date, to keep you from spending all of your free time with her.
#4 -  Be contrary.  Drop subtle hints or joke about possibility of not being together forever.
#3 - Talk about your future.  Talk about YOUR future, what you want to do with YOUR life, not your life with her.
#2 - Avoid sleeping over.  
#1 - Get out of town.

I find some of these articles very entertaining and at the same time insightful.  Though being a girl, it wouldn't be too nice to be at the receiving end of these "tips".  However, who says females can't turn these tips around and use them?!  I certainly learned a lot from the above list and wouldn't hesitate to try them out!

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