Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Was talking to an old friend of mine, Soonyen, on MSN about relationship and love, and he talked about "connection".  I asked,"what does it mean 'connection'?"  He explained that when you talk to someone only about superficial things, but nothing deeper than that, you've lost the connection, the love.

It was quite a surprise hearing that from him, as he never occurred to me as someone who was that in touch with his thoughts and feelings.  (No offence!)  Indeed, I believe that "connection" is what keeps a relationship going - not discussions about what to eat for dinner, who to pick up the laundry, what happened at work... which are inevitable everyday conversation topics but not really what keep two people in touch with each other's mind and soul.

Thinking about 500 Days of Summer, I find it a very real depiction of modern day relationships.  Two people enter a relationship because of some interesting/ inspiring conversations...feeling that "connection".  They think to themselves:  Wow, he's cool/ she's cool!  Then they start to disagree on things, but not agreeing to disagree.  Then, they stop talking about anything that matters to them.  When the poor boy in the movie tried to ask the girl about their relationship (or thelackof), she simply shut down.  No connection.  Breakup.

Does someone really cease to be cool all of a sudden?  Or do we take that "coolness" for granted?  If there was such a connection before, why did we shut it down?

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