Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Battle between Canon 500D and Lomo LCA+

I got a Canon 500D DSLR for Christmas and used it almost exclusively (i.e., not use my Lomo LCA+) during my trip to Tokyo/ Osaka/ Kyoto.

I have to say that the level of convenience, flexibility, predictability, precision makes the camera very "usable".  Though the weight of the lens is a bit of a problem, giving my right shoulder very bad ache.

Having said that, it will never be a replacement of LCA+ for me.  They are totally different cameras - LCA will never take the type of pictures the DSLR takes, and vice versa.  When I came back to work from holiday, logged on to my work computer and looked at my wallpaper of Pantheon, I thought to myself:  ah, such dramatic effect is priceless!

So what this means is - the DSLR will be my regular camera when I need to take pretty, but safe pictures.  LCA+ will accompany me when I want to go for some creativity and interesting effect.

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